Be Careful

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Our air is too much polluted with many different chemicals and many of the chemicals are eating up the ozone layer. We humans in order to advance the ease our day to day work are doing so much harm to the Mother Nature. Then we are also playing with dangerous chemicals like asbestos. People are so selfish that in an early day more like in 20th-century factories and industries working with asbestos use to hide the harmful effects of asbestos so that they don’t lose the workers from the workplace as there are many uses of this chemical are. So, there are lots of old buildings having asbestos in their construction.

After finding out the dangers of having an exposure with asbestos organizations set some rule for working with asbestos. You have to be licensed asbestos assessor if you want to work with it. The only licensed asbestos assessor is allowed to work with asbestos. Mostly he works with the one who is removing asbestos from an area. There is a lot when it comes to removing asbestos from an area. That includes asbestos sampling as well. This sampling tells us the quantity of asbestos present in the air and in the area.  For this reason there is also contaminated land assessment.

This chemical can spoil the one who lands and makes dangerous enough to use it. The process of cleaning asbestos from soil is very hard and very long. The good news is that there is certain behaviour with different types of asbestos. Like living thing dons not consume asbestos in a chemical form but in fibre form. So, plants normally do not absorb asbestos. So, there is low chance of consuming asbestos through vegetables.   Still there are several other ways to have asbestos in your bodies like inhaling. This is why nowadays; engineers do not use asbestos in construction. There are six types of asbestos when it comes to construction. They are

  • Amosite: It is brown asbestos. This asbestos testing is usually used ceiling, insulation, tiles and roofing materials as is doesn’t absorb water.
  • Crocidolite: It is blue asbestos. This is also used in tiles and ceiling etc as it is also water-resistant.
  • Anthophyllite: It is an amphibole mineral and it is categorized as asbestos.
  • Chrysotile: It is white asbestos. It is normally found in ceiling, floors, insulation as it does not absorb water. 95 per cent of this is found in buildings.
  • Tremolite: used in insulation, talc, paints etc.
  • Actinolite: This type is mainly found in fireproofing areas, gardening and insulation.

This the reason why people are advised to be careful when they are already living a house that was built in old times and advised not to buy house before examination. The exposure may become hazardous for the person and there are certain ways to deal with asbestos. So, instead of doing it yourself always call the expert for the job.