18 Teams Of AFL

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1-Carlton: This is one of the original team from VFL times. This is one of two highest premiership winner teams with 16 titles. Patrick Cripps and Sam Docherty is its current captain.

2-Essendon: Essendon bombers also hold 16 Premierships.  Dyson Heppell is the captain of the bombers.

3-Collingwood: 15 times premier winners’ magpies are one of the former teams of VFL. Scott Pendlebury is the captain of AFL

4-Brisbane Lions: Three times champion, Lions are one of the new teams of AFL. Formed in 1996. Its captain is Dayne Zorko

5-Adelaide: Crows won AFL premiership twice, first in 1997 and second in 1998. Captains are Taylor Walker and Rory Sloane.

6-Fremantle: Dockers were founded in 1994. They have zero premierships till now. Nathan Fyfe is the captain of AFL and Michael Walters is the leading goalkicker of the team.

7-Geelong: Founded in 1859. Cats have 9 premierships under their belt. Joel Selwood is the AFL captain and Tom Hawkins is the leading goalkicker of the team.

8-Sydney Swans: Founded in 1874 as South Melbourne Football club. Swans have 5 Premierships. Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker and Dane Ramp are the captains of the swans. Lance Franklin is the leading goalkicker.

9-Western Bulldog: Western Bulldogs won 2 premierships. Easton wood is the captain and Billy Gowers is the leading goalkicker

10-North Melbourne: Kangaroos were founded in 1869. They have 4 premierships under their belt. Current Captain is Jack Ziebell. Leading goalkicker is Ben Brown.

11-Gold coast: It was founded in 2009. Suns have not won any premiership. Jarrod Witts and David Swallow are the AFL captains. Alex Sexton is the leading goalkicker of the suns.

12-Melbourne: In 1858 demons were founded. They own 12 premiership titles. Current captains are Nathan Jones and Jack winey. Tom Mcdonalds is the leading goalkicker.

13-Hawthorn: Hawks were founded in 1902. They won 13 premierships. Ben Stratton is the captain of the Hawks

14-Greater Western Sydney: Giants won none. They are one of the new teams that were included in the competition later. Phil Davis and Callan Ward are the captains of the giants.

15-Port Adelaide: Founded in 1870. Nicknamed Power. They have won 1 Premiership title. Their captains are Ollie Wines, Tom Jonas and, Cameron Sutcliff. Robbie Gray is the leading goalkicker.

 16-St Kilda: Saints were founded in 1873. They have 1 premiership. Jarryn Geary is the captain of the St Kilda. Jade Gresham is the leading goalkicker.

17-Richmond: Formed in 1885. Tigers one of the former teams having 11 premiership titles with them. Trent Cotchin is the Captains of the tigers. Jack Riewoldt is the leading goalkicker.

 18-West coast: Eagles is one of the oldest teams. They were founded in 1986. They hold 4 premiership titles under their belt. Shannon Hurn is the Captain of the Eagles. Jack Darling is the leading goalkicker of the team.

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3 Things That You Can Do To Elevate How Your Home Looks

When it comes to decorating the interior of a home you need to be very careful on how you do it because there is a wrong way to do things and you do not want to end up there. Putting in a little bit of thought and planning can do wonders to follow these tips and find out the results for yourself.If you\’re like most of us who wander through Pinterest and other image libraries it\’s a well-known fact that a lot of us spend a lot of time going through pictures of beautiful homes and wish that we can do the same in our house. Even though this is possible and you can do it well the whole process can take some getting used to and it\’s not something that you should just start doing. However, decorating your home so that it actually looks good is not too hard and you can gain a lot once you do it. Here are a few things that you can do to elevate how your home looks.

Start with simple things

When decorating your home it can be quite easy but the whole process needs some getting used to and you need to try out a few different things in order to get a feel for things. Because of this, it\’s best that you start with something small. For example, arranging and designing a bookshelf would be a better first project than trying to repaint and decorate an entire room. Home decoration takes some practice and money to start small and build up with time and you will end up with something worth being proud of. This is something very important to keep in mind.

Install some new features

One of the easiest ways to add some new life into your home is by introducing a few new features. There are quite a lot of things that you can add to a room or your home to make it instantly look new so do some research and find something that you like. From simple things like new lights to more advanced changes like installing an efficient DIY wire balustrade there is actually quite a lot that you can do but you need to make sure that you do it the right way.

Pay attention to quality

If you want things to look good and continue looking good in the long run you have to opt for quality. Whether it’s a glass balustrading or a simple piece of furniture paying a little extra for a better product will be worth it.Who doesn\’t like to live in a home that looks good? It\’s something a lot of us aspire to incorporate into our lives and with a bit of effort, this is something that you will most certainly be able to do. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to an amazing home.

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4 Ways To Improve Appearance Of Feminine Hair

Female hair beauty is like a massive canvas; you can do a lot of things and there’s a space for more and more no matter how much you do your hair. In fact, taking care of your good looks is something that we all should thrive for. Because no matter how radical people are out there, a head-turner is a head-turner. Hence, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you are perfectly entitled to beautify yourself in the best way, especially in terms of the hair.Here are 4 ways to improve your hair this year.Layering your hairThis is technique where you chop the right amount of hair at different layers. It is no surprise that you can’t do this on your own, at least in the way it is supposed to be, but as long as it is dine in the best way, you would look amazing. To improve the quality of the final look, try inducing an airbrushing effect too.

You will be able to color your hair up slightly so that the colors would only appear when your hair is at a certain orientation; it’s magic colors!Try out cultural stylesThe reason why Asian hair stylists in Melbourne have won the hearts of fashionable woman is because of one significant factor; the originality. In a world where women’s hair are always looking like the every tom, dick and harry, why not try out the style of a different culture?

But you need to be careful on the nature of the culture because you should carry a snake around your neck in public. In fact, both Japanese and Chinese hairstyles makes a woman look absolutely amazing as long as they are done by the authentic professionals.Stick to one designated salon When you stick to one family doctor, you don’t have to mention your medical history every single time you see them. They know you, you know them and the chemistry is amazing. This same theory applies to hair fashion as well. When you have selected a great salon and have a history with them, you naturally become a special priority of them. This might not be so obvious since they don’t want others to feel bad but it is what it is.color the hair upColoring your hair is yet another very common method of improving your hair. But the reason why it just doesn’t work all the time is due to the poor selection of the color or the application. That’s again where the significance of the salon pops up. The truth is, as long as you choose the right place, you’re highly likely to get a great hair, period. Check this link to find out more details.

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How To Arrange A Fun And An Exciting Party For Kids?

When you are arranging a party for kids, there are a lot of aspects that you should look into. The children should have fun and be safe at the same time when you, they will also boost up their skills. If you are parent who is in doubt of how to arrange the best party for their kids, the first thing that you should do is to look into the best ideas and then take the required steps to it. Here are some of the most important things you should know about arranging the perfect, fun and exciting party for kids:

Include Fun Activities

Rather than having music and dancing, you have to assure that the activities used in the party are much suited for a kid. For example, you can always make the party much more colorful by adding fun events. One of the most loved activities by kids from all over the world is face painting. Therefore, this is an addition that you should not miss out on adding to the party. All that you have do to make the party much fun and exciting is to hire a face painter. There would not be a single child who doesn’t like this addition. Visit for kids party entertainers.

Focus on Their Love for Crafts

If there is one thing that kids love on top of most other things is arts and crafts. You can simply use their love for arts and crafts to create the best ever party experience by organizing pro face painters in Sydney. Kids will love the colour and the enjoyment that they get when they are working with different arts with their friends. Arranging these parties are known to be much easier and also, the kids will also love it.

Focus on a Special Theme

The right way to make a party exciting is to get a special theme for it. Some of the themes that are excellent for the kids should be based on their favorite cartoons or cartoon characters. In this way, they will feel happy and exciting from the time they step into the party area. Make sure that you choose a theme that is loved by most of the kids so that it will better their mood so that they will enjoy the activities that they arranged for them right from the start. When it comes to a kid’s party, it is always best that you be creative with what you are doing to make the party exciting and much children friendly so that every child who attends the party will have a good time.